The Hollow TreesThe Hollow Trees are a "Folk Music for Families" group who use acoustic instrumentation and play upbeat Americana music.

The Hollow Trees come from an imaginary coastal town somewhere between here and there called of Nelsonville, USA. They host a popular daily public acceess show on the local station, KTHT Nelsonville Public Access.

The band is named after the Hollow Tree In the hills above Nelsonville is an Enchanted Forest, and in the middle of the Enchanted Forest, there's a Magic Meadow, and in the middle of the Magic Meadow is the Hollow Tree. That's where their friend Nelson lives.

Nelson is a friendly and musical creature who is a little like a raccoon, a little like a fox, and a little like a baby bear who's wearing some white socks.

Every Sunday afternoon, Nelson hosts a Hootenanny in the Magic Meadow around the Hollow Tree. Folks bring songs to sing, instruments to play, and food to share while they have fun making music together.

The Hollow Trees' are led by Gregory Hollow Tree and Traci.
Gregory Hollow Tree sings and plays the guitar (and the kazoo.) Traci sings, dances, acts, and plays the jug.
They play a repitoire of original compositions and both classic and obscure old songs in a mix of American music styles like folk, country, blues, jazz, and folk.