Places to buy our CDs:
CD Baby
Pokey Pup
Wee Soles
Dragonfly DuLou
Peekaboo Playland
Amoeba Music
Naya's Garden
Kidspace Children's Museum

Children's Music Resources:
The Lovely Mrs. Davis
smAll Ages
Children's Music Network
Kid's Music Web
Music Together

The Stagerobbers Bluegrass Band
Fur Dixon and Steve Werner
Peter Alsop
Triple Chicken Foot
Old Time is a Good Time Records
The Hollywood Hotshots
Ryan Majestic
Jumbo Shrimp Circus
   Other favourites:
Dan Zanes
Burl Ives
Pete Seeger
Ruth Crawford Seeger
Peggy Seeger
Tom T. Hall
Shel Silverstein
Ella Jenkins
Woody Guthrie
Roger McGuinn - Folkden
Folk Music of England. Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and America
Besides the artists listed above, We Recommend:
Really Rosie - Carole King
Day at the Farm with Farmer Jason - Jason Ringenberg
The Point - Nilsson
Anything on Yazoo Records
American Folk Songs for Children by Ruth Crawford Seeger
Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman

Local to Los Angeles:
Americana Roots LA - roots music listings
Go City Kids - LA
Remo Drums - Kid's Rhythm Club
California Traditional Music Society
McCabes Guitar Shop
Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest
Peace Monkey
Country General Store
A Mother's Haven
Dragonfly Dulou
Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center

Other Cool Things:

Cigar Box Nation - Build your own instrument!
Make Magazine and TV Show
Red Hot Jazz - Hot Jazz site