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"Welcome to Nelsonville"
The Hollow Trees - "Welcome to Nelsonville"
©2007 The Hollow Trees Records - THT002
Welcome to Nelsonville by The Hollow Trees -CD design

Cover Illustration by Todd Francis - Todd is a great illustrator who I've known for many years. He works mostly in the skateboard industry. He is also an excellent harmonica player who plays on the track 8 " Ray's Music Shop."

Inside cover illustration by Gregory Hollow Tree - This is an bird's eye view of Nelsonville. It's what a seagull would see when she's flying over Beluga Bay.

The album was produced by Gregory Hollow Tree. It was recorded at Glam Landing Studios and Nelsonville Sound Recordists. It was engineered by Arthur Schlenger at Glam Landing and Gregory Hollow Tree at Nelsonville Sound Recordists. It was mixed by Gregory Hollow Tree and Nelson at Nelsonville Sound Recordists. It was mastered by Kevin Brauss at

Greg: Guitars, Vocals, Kazoo, Percussion, Plectrum Banjo
Laura: Bass, Vocals, Piano
Traci: Vocals, Jug, Percussion, Very Special Effects
Dave: Drums, Vocals
Lydia: Violin, Fiddle, Vocals
Matt 1: Mandolin
Rick: 5 string Banjo
Todd: Harmonica
Bill: Flute
Os: Vocals and Kazoo
Matt 2: Vocals and Kazoo
Taylor, Molli, Sean, Grant, and Nelson: Vocals

Track Credits and Notes
1 - Ain't Gonna Rain
There are many different versions of this traditional American song. We took our favorite verses and added a new one about Nelson and the Hollow Tree.
2 - Hootenanny
Here's an original song about our favorite type of get together - a Hootenanny. It's where folks bring food to share and insturments to play and we all have fun making music together. You can hoot along at home. It's a hoot!
3 - Animal Alphabet Song
Here's a nice song about different types of animals and the letters that they begin with. We learned it from an Alan Mills record.
4 - George Washington
Here is a traditional song which we learned from the Yazoo Records compilation "The Story that the Crow Told Me, Vol 1" where it is performed by Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers.
5 - Skoodle Um Skoo
This song was written and recorded by Papa Charlie Jackson in 1923. We added some new lyrics and the next thing you konw: a dance song!
6 - To Morrow
This is a fun song about a passenger and a train depot agent. It was adapted by the folk singer Bob Gibson, and also played by Peter, Paul, and Mary and the Muppets.
7 - Ted the Talking Tree
This is an original song about Ted, the talking tree who lives in the Enchanted Forest. Ted knows a million stories and folks are always stopping by to listen to him tell one. If you ever stop by, ask him to tell you one about Fred and Todd.
8 - Ray's Music Shop
Here's an extended jingle for Ray's, the local Nelsonville music store. It's a favorite hangout of The Hollow Trees. Ray knows all about different kinds of insturments and loves to share his knowledge. Picolo Possum and some other teachers give lessons in the back rooms there.
9 - The Funny Song
This oringinal composition is a funny song that is funny.
10 - The Robin and the Chicken
Here's a song about two different birds who could not see eye to eye - or wing to wing. We learned it from a Burl Ives record.
11 - The Nelsonville American Historical Band
This original song tells the story of a local band who play songs from America's past: sea shanties, cowboy songs, lumberman songs, news songs which describe true events in the Revolutionary war, the war of 1812, and the Civil war, and other old American favorites. They play at the Gazebo every year on the 4th of July..
12 - The Night Owl
Here's an original song about the Night Owl, a flute playing resident of the Enchanted Forest who often ends the night on a jazzy note.
13 - My Favorite Friends
This is an original song by Laura, with just her singing and playing the piano. It's quite nice.
14 - Grant's Lullaby
If all the dancing and singing along has made you tired, then rest your head and let this song put you to sleep.